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Heat Stress: Awareness and Protecting Workers

As we transition to warmer temperatures, it’s important to revisit your workplace’s Heat Stress Prevention Program to ensure your employees are equipped to combat...

Developing a Heat Stress Prevention Program

Understanding the potential harm caused by working in high temperatures is only the first step when it comes to protecting your employees. The next...

NIOSH Publication: Preventing Fire Fighter Fatalities Due to Heart Attacks and Other Sudden Cardiovascular...

Are you a firefighter or know someone who is? As part of American Health Month, NIOSH has resources to help prevent on-duty cardiovascular deaths. Share them with all your fire fighting friends.

NIOSH Publication: Fundamentals of Total Worker Health Approaches

Workers can take an active role in designing policies, programs, and practices to protect against the risks of cardiovascular disease. Check out the new "Fundamentals of Total Worker Health Approaches" workbook to get started during this Heart Health Month.

Workers Memorial Day

Workers Memorial Day is coming up on April 28. Read what your local can do to recognize this important day.